The Accidental Blogger

This spring I found myself blogging – by accident! It all started with a request from a client, The Pilot House, to help promote their upcoming fund-raiser. I sent the press release to the editor of the local Patch and suggested that it was fodder for one of her bloggers. She replied that that I was that blogger, and before I knew it that press release was on-line!

The ideas kept coming and soon I had posted several articles and I was having fun! My Patch blog targets the general population: the consumer of services, the supporter of causes, the interested citizen. The Patch editors said that the blog was getting lots of hits – folks were reading my stories!

But I realized that I wasn’t reaching the people with whom I consult: leaders of non-profits, schools, healthcare and government organizations. I wasn’t reaching service providers, the people who get their hands dirty addressing the social problems that I care so much about. This is my target population!

So here, on Parasol’s blog pages, I will write articles that I hope you’ll find interesting and helpful. I intend to discuss new research, identify strategies to grow and sustain your organization, and introduce ideas and discipline trends. With you I’d like to take a step back and look at the big picture, and also the small details. Together we can identify ways to meet our community’s needs.

To make the most of this blog I need your participation. Please tell me what you are interested in. Make suggestions for topics. Comment on articles and let me and others know what you think. Ask questions, and answer them too. Let’s make this a space where we can all learn from one another.

I expect to publish a new entry every few weeks or so. Stop back often. Or better yet, you can subscribe.