My Philosophy

I believe in letting your child’s school experience tell their story – and that their story will determine what program needs to be pursued. Making it work in-district, in a school program with typical peers, is always the preferred plan. Unfortunately, that is not the solution for all children.

My goal is to pursue a plan that supports
your child becoming the best adult they can be.

The process of looking critically at your child’s story (grades, school and home behavior, school attendance, school interventions, peer relationships, teacher feedback, testing, and outside provider involvement and recommendations) provides a roadmap. The ask to the school district is developed by seeing where the road map leads. And then exploring the school program options, and evaluating how your child’s specific needs will be met in each of them.

Building a partnership with the school district requires authenticity. I am not about surprises or gotcha moments. I believe in honest, straight-forward communication. Sometimes identifying who to have the conversation with is part of the solution. To that end, I take all of the various factors into consideration when working with families to develop a course of action.

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