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“My child was in trouble all the time and had strong work refusal. Loretta helped me understand my child’s rights and helped me write letters, communicate in my son’s PPT meetings and informed me of my rights dealing with the school in such a way that I was able to get him the education that he really needed.”
Bethel mom

“The problems we were having with my daughter and school were consuming our every day. She was too sick to make it to school most days and the school had provided us with inadequate alternatives…for years. I didn’t think she would get credit for the school year and she certainly wasn’t learning the material. We were desperate and didn’t know where to turn.

As luck would have it, I met Loretta and dumped our entire saga into her lap. In 5 minutes she gave me the most valuable information on steps to take, my rights, services that were available and how to access those services. She then went on to assist me in effectively communicating our situation and requirements to the right people. She guided me in using the necessary language and communicating the facts without letting my emotions and defensiveness get in the way. Her assistance was invaluable. In short time, we were able to get my daughter the services she actually had a right to. I wouldn’t have known any of this was possible without Loretta’s help and guidance. My daughter has since graduated from high school and after being accepted to many excellent colleges, will be a freshman at her college of choice in the fall. Thank you Loretta!”
Fairfield mom

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