What to Expect

My work with you can be behind-the-scenes, discreetly supporting you while you work with the school district. Or,  I can attend your child’s PPT or 504 Plan meeting. Either way, you will be empowered with the tools necessary to effectively make your child’s situation special education support for parentsunderstood. The goal is to build a partnership with the school system and develop an educational plan that will help your child become the best adult they can be.

During an initial Zoom or phone call, we will review your child’s current situation and consider the best ways for us to work together. There is no charge for this first consultation. Of course, every child and family situation is different. And, therefore, the way I work with each family is customized to their needs. Following is an example of how we might work together.

  • I will perform a complete record review. This includes clinical reports and school records and any other documentation that informs your child’s story. I may ask your permission to speak with providers who are working with your family.
  • After identifying the problems we’ll create a plan: what is needed to help your child meet his/her/their potential?
  • We’ll communicate with the school team or administration and begin to nurture a partnership. This may include presenting a story to help illustrate the current circumstances; a request for testing or additional in-school supports; a change of school placement; or something else all together.
  • We will prepare needed documents: an email, talking points, summary of facts – whatever is needed to most effectively convey your child’s story to the people who need to hear it. I will provide coaching to support you so that you feel prepared and confident in your interactions with the school district.
  • I am also available to support communication and coordination with outside providers that are involved with your family.

I can also offer additional supports. Coordination and management of services, navigation and support through the behavioral health system. Interpretation of conflicting or disparate documents. Organization and documentation of school records; Coaching on how and what to do during the PPT or 504 meeting; In Connecticut, recommendations to appropriate community support services and special education and mainstream private schools.

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